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Welcome to Tainted wingz's Contest page. Below I will post infor for any contest that I am hosting.

Contest 00

There is no Contest at this time.

Deadline for entries: 00/00/000
Voting begans at: 00/00/0000
Winners will be listed on: 00/000/0000

1. Must provide a link back to the contest page on your main page of your site, whether using a contest banner or link. It must be visible
2. You may submit multiple wallpapers, but only the latest submitted wallpaper will be used for the contest. Entries will only be added once the banner is verified that it is added.
3. The wallpaper must be exactly 1600x900 pixels in size.
4. The wallpaper must contain one of the listed renders below, or if you can recolor or draw Sailor Moon you can use that as well with my OC Dark Sailor Moon character (Senritsu). Her colors are black and dark red/maroon with her eyes being a dark shade of blue. If you have read the rules type the name of my OC character in the comments!
5. Please upload your wallpaper to a image hosting service or your own server with a direct-linkable link.
6. Wallpapers can not feature any inappropriate material.
7. Have fun.
•Gold Prize
Custom Layout
Free Commission of Artwork
4 small graphics (icons, buttons, etc)
A Spot on my “Elites” List
1st place Award

•Silver Spot:
Custom Banner/Header
3 Small Graphics (icons, buttons, etc)
2nd place Award
•Bronze Spot
2 Small Graphics (icons, buttons, etc)
3rd place Reward

1 Small Graphic (icons, buttons, etc)
Participation Reward

50% will be based on a poll while 50% will be based on the creativeness of the use of the renders and setting.
Key: Name|site|wallpaper

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Contest # > Winner name | Site | Won place
Contest 01 > Dartzia|site| 1st place