Wish to know about the Sister sites?

Well they are sites that I host and other sites that I really love. Like Amia's site, Silver Wings is a site I host for her and it is the 'light' side of Tainted Wingz. lol Later I will be hosting my man's site and have him under here too.

How to be a sister site?

That is hard to say but for right now, I will only be listing sites that I'm friends with their owners. Which means, if you want your site to be a sister site, you will once need to chat with me a lot in email, help me out and well be a good friend.

What do you look for in a sister site?

well anything really. But I wouldn't be listing Forums as a sister site. But what I really look for are:
>Art sites
>writing sites or Story sites
>Grphics sites
>dark theme is a plus.

Sister site icons

Right now I will be using Sailor Moon sprites that I Do NOT own. So if I say that I'm listing your site as a sister site, or you ask, I will pick a sprite that I think works for your site. Or you can pick one. lol

Known Sister sites

Nightmare Fantasmic
Sailor Moon Character:
Sailor Jupiter
SM Sprite: