Other kinds of Adopted

Here are other adopts that I found that I love. I would love to do things with them but can't. lol

All will be listed by site.

Adoptable Sprites [archived] - Link

Kawaii Hannah - Link

Primadonna [archived] - Link

ff7-aerith ff7-aerith02 ff7-chocoboblack ff7-cloud ff7-cloud02 ff7-redxiii ff7-vincent ff7-zack nonanime-harrypotter nonanime-jareth nonanime-jareth02 nonanime-jareth03 nonanime-jareth04 nonanime-jackskellington cc-harle cc-miki cc-serge ct-crono ct-schala dark-felicia dark-lilith dark-morrigan
dolls-aerith dolls-sailormoon dolls-sailorchibimoon dolls-supersailorchibimoon dolls-supersailormoon dolls-sailorcosmos dolls-felicia dolls-irenes
Rainbowcoast FF [JP] - Link
luneth-ani-Opt arc-ani-Opt ingus-ani-Opt aerith aerith-ac aerith-cc cloud cloud-ac cloud-kadaj-ac ffdc-gackt cloud-cc nero red13 vincent vincent-dc vincent-dc2 vincent-young-dc yazoo zack-ac zack-cc squall garnet garnet3 zidane kuja a-tidus yuna-10-2 yuna-dr-kimono ifri yuna10 3dr-12 llyud