So you wish to know about me? well here you go...

About me

Real Name: Brenda Saylors
Age: ... I was born in May of 1988. So guess.
Sex: Female
States: Married since 2018 to my Love, shadowfox88 (don't want to share his real name. lol
Live: Arkansas, USA
Kids: None yet
Pets: A male cat named Midnight and a female dog named Rikku
Midlight watching-me-lol-by-salyadarken-daf5dpi-fullview

A little about me:
I'm a simple female who loves anime, games, anything fantasy, role-playing and being with my Love. I can't work thanks to my mind being fucked up. I can't handle a lot of things but I try to be myself... blah


-Games; RPGs and SIMs
-Raining days
-Making Graphics


-being alone for a long perion of time.
-being woken up.
-Loud ppl
-Having depression


-The Sun
-Hot/cold days
-Summer and Winter
-Humans (Dont ask)
-Having pills

ways to piss me off

Here some ways to piss me off or just be ranting. XD
-Pkm movies. How? Not sure. Why? Some facts of the movies piss me off. So don't ask if you don't want a list. Just know, Ash is the main reason. And I don't know why. lol
-Stealing my art or anyone's art. It's just bad to steal artwork and I really hate it.