about Tainted Wingz

well Tainted wingz is my favorite name for my main site. I used to use Weebly.com for my sites, but I got a nice host and moved it here. My love bought my domain for me and it's up on dreamhost.com. But about how I got the name? Well I love gothic things, and Tainted is something dark as for Wingz, I love fantasy things and angel wings is something fantasy. Now why do I use 'Z' and not a 'S', well I was really into the doll and cartoon? called Bratz. I love how they use the 'Z', so I took it for my site. XD
As for the point of Tainted Wingz, it's well my home on the net that allows me to be myself. I can share my artwork, make free graphics and post my stories where anyone and everyone can see. I don't like stealing things, so I borrow Pixels from different sites that works for my needs/wants. I don't claim them thou.

Past Sites

My Old sites were called 'Welcome to my World' which was my first site, 'My fantasy world' and others. XD I loved making new sites since weebly made it fun, that I jumped around a lot. But now days I don't.
I don't really remember much about my old sites to tell you the truth. I jumped around so much and made so many that I just don't know. I do remember some ideas of the few sites. One for my bestie and her stories, One for my projects, One was a collective of yoai stories that didn't get any stories, and etc.

past headers

Only becuase I don't have any screenshots of the sites. lol Those are all of Tahinted Wingz's old headers from Weebly to here. New to Old
From here:
Year 2020-

From weebly's ver of TW: