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09/29/22 08:23 pm
Just letting ppl know that I added a few new categories and fixed a few links. Rules was updated.
07/02/22 09:06 am
updated the Help page somewhat.
07/01/22 03:49 am
Guests can now talk in the shoutbox!
07/01/22 01:43 am
adding some remade skins.
06/30/22 02:39 am
Please Join, quests! I would really like some inputs to update this site.
06/29/22 05:20 pm
Hello Guests. I'm still working on things!

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Penname: BanditTheCat7 [Contact]
Real name: Lynne
Membership status: Member
Member since: September 14, 2022
Beta-reader: No
What up, what up!! I'm Lynne. Bandit is my literal cat. Lol. So yeah, I'm 26 and love to write, mainly second person oc(xreader but the reader is developed) type of fic. Lol. So yeah.

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Stories by BanditTheCat7

Title: Human Versus Klingon Versus Wild by BanditTheCat7
Rated: All [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Worf x Reader. Star Trek: TNG. Long fic. Slow Burn. Action/Adventure, violence, injuries, mother nature will rip you apart, survival, eventual smut. You and Worf get stuck down on some planet with way too much danger, if it's not some animal with jaws from hell, then it's plants trying to poison you, or dumb cliffs you have to scale, or your stomachs reminding you that food would be nice.
Category: Original Works > Action
Characters: OC
Genres: Romance
Warning(s): Violence
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 6203 | Read count: 66 [Report This]
Published: September 14, 2022 | Updated: September 14, 2022

Title: It Could be Concerning by BanditTheCat7
Rated: Adult + [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Data x reader. Star Trek: TNG. Lemon. Data and you roleplay as doctor and patient.
Category: Original Works > Erotica
Characters: Reader
Genres: Adult
Warning(s): Smut
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 6746 | Read count: 3 [Report This]
Published: September 14, 2022 | Updated: September 14, 2022