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Summary: Worf x Reader. Star Trek: TNG. Long fic. Slow Burn. Action/Adventure, violence, injuries, mother nature will rip you apart, survival, eventual smut. You and Worf get stuck down on some planet with way too much danger, if it's not some animal with jaws from hell, then it's plants trying to poison you, or dumb cliffs you have to scale, or your stomachs reminding you that food would be nice.
Rating: All
Category: Original Works > Action
Characters: OC
Genres: Romance
Warning(s): Violence
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 2 Completed: No
Words: 6203 Read: 59
Published: September 14, 2022 Updated: September 14, 2022

1. Chapter 1: A Dreary Sort of Day by BanditTheCat7 [Reviews - 0] (2590 words)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters or races or any property owned by the creators of Star Trek: TNG. I'm not making any profit off of these stories, I'm just having fun going on adventures. Please support the official show! <3 Sooo! This story is still being written but I started rewriting the beginning. More of it is posted on Ao3 but its not this better, rewritten and edited version. I plan to repost the new version over on Ao3 soon too once i get it rewritten up to where I am but I'm excited to just post the better version of it here in the first place.
2. Chapter 2: Swamp Monster by BanditTheCat7 [Reviews - 0] (3613 words)