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Skin Change

Submission Rules

Archive Rules

Last Updated: 9/29/2022

Copied from Lunascence Archive in the wayback machine.

Please read and understand these rules before submitting to this Archive.


1. Members with no stories posted need to log onto their account at least once every three (3) months. You do not need an account to review or comment on stories.

2. HTML and Images are permitted in your Author Bio. Please do not abuse this. Also, do not direct link from other domains unless it's yours, you have permission, or if it is clearly posted that the Domain's owner doesn't mind if their images are direct linked. If you need a picture hosted for you, please contact Jasson or Sally and we'll work something out.

3. Absolutely no flaming, no trolling, and no bashing. We don't care how mad you are or who you're mad at, keep it off the archive!

4. We will not share, sell, or distribute any of the information about our authors. E-mail addresses are hidden by default. If you choose to, you may put your e-mail address into your author bio, but you're doing so at your own risk.

General Rules_________________

5. This is a moderated archive. We allow most anything in terms of rating, but every chapter of every story must be validated (approved) by the Admin before it will become visible. Authors who have repeatedly shown that their stories adhere firmly to these rules may be granted the ability to skip the moderation queue (referred to as "validated").

6. We do not allow the following types of fan fiction: (1) any stories that depict adults having sex with children, and (2) any stories that depict real people (e.g. actors, singers, athletes) in sexual situations, explicit or otherwise.

7. We reserve the right to decline or remove any stories, series, challenges, or accounts we see fit with or without prior notice to you, the Author.

NOTE: All stories in this archive are formatted with HTML. We won't format them for you. They need to be uploaded in *.HTM, *.HTML or *.TXT formats.

Be sure to always save a copy of your story to your computer, print it out, save it to a disk - anything. If we ever have to upgrade or service this archive, there is no guarantee the stories will be able to be transferred over. Also, as with any Web site, there is always a chance that a server crash will cause a loss of anything saved to this server.

Stories & Submissions_________________

7. Please check your spelling and grammar. Stories with more than five (5) serious spelling and grammar mistakes will not be accepted.

8. No one or two paragraph stories. They're really hard to read and just look bad. Also, you should start a new paragraph each time a different person begins speaking for the same reason. Stories with serious problems with the paragraph structure will not be accepted.

9. You must have a decent grasp of the English language. There should be no serious word usage mistakes or unintelligible stories. (e.g. You should know the difference between their, they're, or there.)

10. NO STORIES WRITTEN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. They're really hard to read, for one thing, and it looks like you're shouting for another.

Exceptions: If you have a character shouting or want to emphasize something, a few words or a sentence in all caps are okay. Also, in Fan fiction stories, if a canon character tends to talk in all caps, that's okay too.

11. No Chat Shorthand, D3Wd Speak, Internet Abbreviations, etc. - save those for your chat rooms or video games. Common examples include substituting "u" for "you", "plz" for "please", and "thx" or "TY" for "Thanks" or "Thank you."

Exceptions: If your story has a scene taking place online and in a chat room or video game, that's fine. Also, if you're having a character talk like this for effect, such as some characters found in, that's also okay.

12. Please be sure to place your story in the appropriate category with the proper rating, genre, story type, warnings (if any) and with a descriptive summary to set it off from the rest of the stories in this Archive. This is especially important if you story has any adult material of any kind. If your story could be placed in any of several different categories, please use your best judgment for its placement.

If you need a character or category not in this archive already, please e-mail us and we will try to have it added in within 24 - 48 hours.

13. Please avoid interrupting your story with notes of any kind. Reader insert blanks, footnotes, and parenthetical citations are fine, but please place most notes and comments at the beginning or end of stories.

14. Photo Banners are allowed but if you want to have one, make sure they are this size: 650 x 100.

Length and Style Guidelines_________________

These aren't rules, but they are things we'd really like to see in stories.

1. Summaries: Try to keep your summaries shorter than 200 characters. (Spaces count!) Summaries are meant to be brief teasers, a brief explanation about your story, or a short sentence to set your story apart from the rest of the archive.

2. Chapters: We consider a full chapter to be at least 2000 characters or about 350 words in length. They can be shorter or longer, but try to post chapters that are bigger than a paragraph or two. We don't care how long individual poems, short stories, or one shots are.

3. Author notes: Single chapter author notes at the beginning or end of a story are fine, especially if you feel you might need to explain or warn your readers. But, if you're new to this archive please try to have another whole chapter done before you post it. This is mainly because the author notes won't give us a good idea about your writing ability or the actual story. Once you have a few stories posted and we've gotten to know your writing style better, it really won't matter to us.