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09/29/22 08:23 pm
Just letting ppl know that I added a few new categories and fixed a few links. Rules was updated.
07/02/22 09:06 am
updated the Help page somewhat.
07/01/22 03:49 am
Guests can now talk in the shoutbox!
07/01/22 01:43 am
adding some remade skins.
06/30/22 02:39 am
Please Join, quests! I would really like some inputs to update this site.
06/29/22 05:20 pm
Hello Guests. I'm still working on things!

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General Questions

  1. Do I need an account to use this site?
  2. How do I get my fics on here?
  3. Do you accept stories in other languages?
  4. Do you accept Original Stories?
  5. Do you accept stories that aren't anime, manga, or gaming fan fiction?
  6. Do you accept Insert You or Reader Insert fan fiction?
  7. Are Reader Insert blanks okay here?
  8. How should we format our Reader Insert stories?
  9. Do you accept collections or books of one shots?
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Administrative Questions

  1. Who are the the Admin of this site?
  2. Can we reply back to the accept / decline e-mails?
  3. Do you actually read e-mail we send you?
  4. How do I report a bug or error?
  5. Can I join the staff?
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Account Questions

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  1. How do I Register / Join?
  2. Why don't you want people under 13 joining?
  3. I didn't get my password! What happened?
  4. How do I contact an author?
  5. How do I change my user name?
  6. What is a "Beta Reader"?
  7. How come some people get a picture (avatar) in their bio?

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Archiving your Stories


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The Story Listings


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  1. What are flames?
  2. How do I remove a flame review?
  3. What do you consider spam?
  4. How do I remove spam reviews?
  5. How do I manage anonymous reviews?
  6. Why hasn't my story been reviewed yet!?
  7. How do I get people to review my story?
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eFiction Mods and Skins

  1. Can I get copies of your modifications?
  2. Can you help me with one of your skins or mods?
  3. Will you make a skin or mod for me or my site?
  4. Can I modify one of your eFiction skins?
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