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09/29/22 08:23 pm
Just letting ppl know that I added a few new categories and fixed a few links. Rules was updated.
07/02/22 09:06 am
updated the Help page somewhat.
07/01/22 03:49 am
Guests can now talk in the shoutbox!
07/01/22 01:43 am
adding some remade skins.
06/30/22 02:39 am
Please Join, quests! I would really like some inputs to update this site.
06/29/22 05:20 pm
Hello Guests. I'm still working on things!

Skin Change



I got some news of what I have plans of for this site!
They are:

  • Get some mods for efiction for beta-readers and more.

  • add a donate button for anyone who wishes to donate money to help this site and my domain.

  • update the help page more.

  • make this site better and easier to work.

  • Host montly challenges

  • post weekly blogs with that week's top stories, staff's top fav for that mouth and more.

Now the updates and changes that I did so far.

  • Added a few warnings and genres

  • added some pre-made skins. I don't know if they make this site work better on mobile but I did test a few on my cell and they look okay to me.

  • Changed a few settings. Guests can now read any story that isn't Adult + rated stories that will be hidden. So yea... I would like to have a setting to allow members to hide their stories from guests but oh well.

  • Guests can now chat in the shoutbox and comment on stories.

by SalyaDarken on July 01, 2022 06:15 am


Another update post

Well this is more like news then an update post. I tell you all that I won't be able to really do much admin work as far as skin work and such. I will be able to update the site form the admin page. So don't worry about that.
Now for why, well I won't be on my PC for a few days but I will be on my husband's laptop. Meaning, I can log in to the site and post, edit, and such but I won't be able to use Filezilla for the other stuff.
And I will be leaving friday evening around 3:30pm or 5pm... depending on when my mom gets off. She needs me to help her out by watching over her place and dogs. So yea... -sighs-
Another note: for anyone who want like to join the staff, I won't give out my info for filezilla to anyone. I will only do it if I can trust you. And to earn my trust... means a lot of gifts. XD or just prove that you won't mess with things. Since my filezilla accont shows all of my sites that I host on dreamhost... (1 domain and 3 sub-domains. I can't have anymore right now, if I did then this site would be a sub-domain and not part of Tainted wingz like it is now)
Anywho... I will allow the staff members to pick their own jobs. jobs being;

  • make sub-categories

  • add warning

  • add genres

  • add characters to fandom

  • help members with their account if needed.

  • make skins (I want a few different ones for members to pick from.)

  • Hosting monthly challenges

  • Edit and update the Rules if needed. Counts Submission rules too.

  • Make custom pages for more details.

  • Keep the help page updated. (I would like to do it like how Lunaescence archives did theirs.

  • For ones how can edit efiction, add a way for writers to have awards on their profiles.

And yea... More jobs may be added or removed.. I don't know. And for the record, I'm doing Lunaescence archives as ref on how to do it right and yes I'm looking at the wayback machine ver of the site, so things are not there. So yea...

Other then that, I have been adding new things off and on. Like Warnings and Genres was added thou I don't know many of what to add to them. And I added some new sub-categories here and there.

....I need to go sleep but don't wanna. XDDD And Yes, you can use photos in your stories like how wettpad does. ^_^

by SalyaDarken on June 30, 2022 11:20 pm



Okay, here are the updates I hae done over 42 hrs. With some sleep here and there. XD

  • 7 Headers. The header will change randomly through reloads.

  • Added a lot to Categories. but still would like to add more... oh well.

  • Some characters where added for Star Ocean til the end of time. Still need to add more.

  • Help was updated but is still in WIP.

  • Added Warning and Genres. Not alot to them but I got a few to start with. I don't really know what to add to warnings thou.

I don't know if I will have affilates to this site, but If someone ask, I will made some buttons.
Also if you wish to become staff of You-fic, you must;

  1. be a writer!

  2. have an account on here and Tainted onez.

  3. Know how to work efiction, or be willing to learn.

  4. Know some things about fandom, or be willing to look things up.

  5. can be active. Daily to Weekly. Breaks are allowed as well.

  6. have some skills in CSS, HTML, and/or graphics/sprite/etc(this would be a bonus.)

How to apply? after making your accounts, message me over on Tainted Onez(I'm SalyaDarken over there as well) or use the mail us page and email me.
So with that all said. I'm off to add more of my stories before laying down. lol

by SalyaDarken on June 30, 2022 03:00 am


Welcome and News

Welcome to You-Fic. This is my ver of an old writing site called
I miss that site and this is my way of bring it back. So as you see, I'm still working on things but this is the layout/skin that I'm going to use for now.
So what's allowed here? well both Original stories and Fanfictions. I don't know about poety* right now but Let me know if you want it added too.
Now for the categories, It will have any and all anime/game/manga/etc listed and original grenes. Just Comment below what you want to be added and I will add it. As for Staff, I would like someone to help me out if they know anything about efiction or is willing to learn how to work it. Again, just comment below.

  • Help page was updated and still is WIP.

  • Categories are still WIP.

  • Characters will be added slowly.

  • Looking for helpers.

by SalyaDarken on June 29, 2022 06:30 am