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09/29/22 08:23 pm
Just letting ppl know that I added a few new categories and fixed a few links. Rules was updated.
07/02/22 09:06 am
updated the Help page somewhat.
07/01/22 03:49 am
Guests can now talk in the shoutbox!
07/01/22 01:43 am
adding some remade skins.
06/30/22 02:39 am
Please Join, quests! I would really like some inputs to update this site.
06/29/22 05:20 pm
Hello Guests. I'm still working on things!

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Welcome to You-Fic.

This is Salya's ver of her old favorite writing site,, but unlike that site, this site will be different in lots of ways yet similar to others writing sites.

You-fic is a writing site that works like an archives or a library that holds any and all kinds of stories. From Original Works to fanfiction.

So if you love to read or write, please join us.

You may also join Tainted Onez to ask questions, chat with others and such.

keep in mind that is site is WIP and I am always trying to make it better. Just know this also works as an archive for my own stories since I'm too lazy to keep updating FFN, wattpad and other writing sites. XD

Site News


I got some news of what I have plans of for this site! They are:
  • Get some mods for efiction for beta-readers and more.
  • add a donate button for anyone who wishes to donate money to help this site and my domain.
  • update the help page more.
  • make this site better and easier to work.
  • Host montly challenges
  • post weekly blogs with that week's top stories, staff's top fav for that mouth and more.

Now the updates and changes that I did so far.
  • Added a few warnings and genres
  • added some pre-made skins. I don't know if they make this site work better on mobile but I did test a few on my cell and they look okay to me.
  • Changed a few settings. Guests can now read any story that isn't Adult + rated stories that will be hidden. So yea... I would like to have a setting to allow members to hide their stories from guests but oh well.
  • Guests can now chat in the shoutbox and comment on stories.

by SalyaDarken on July 01, 2022 06:15 am

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