Wish to know About the partner job

Well the partner job and title is for one person who can help with graphics. That's all.

What I'm looking for in a partner

Someone who can do the following:
Holiday graphics
make layouts
Help with contests
Dolls and gaphics with them

you don't have to be able to all of them but some would be nice.

What would you get out of it?

well for one, you will be able to claim Tainted Wingz as your site as well, and you will be allowed to have a few pages to yourself. Plus if you write stories, you will be allowed to add your own stories in with my own, Once I did the story pages updated.

how to upload your stuff?

Well if you proff that I can trust you, I will give you the info for filezilla, so you may add and update pages in your own time. But until then, I will ask you to email what you wish to add. Please note that I will not ask you to change the site's main layout! I work really hard on those.

To apply

site:(if you have one)
What are you good at: