Sorry back to Youtube :: 2022-11-30 20:21:47 PST :: posted by Salya

I'm sorry. I'm back to recording on youtube. I'm working Final Fantasy 7 now. Not my top fav ff game, but still a fav. ^_^ Next game will be Xenosaga EP1.

So I won't be updating for a while b/c of it. Well I'm not always recording. when I'm not recording, I'm playing Skyrim with Mods. lol Or doing something with my husband.

....I need a partner.. -sighs- oh well. If you happen to like let's plays or just like to help me out, here's the link to my channel. I have set up things so 3 vids get posted. They get posted at these times: 10am, 11am and 1pm.

Okay I think that everything. XD

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