I'm really sorry :: 2022-11-06 03:11:41 PST :: posted by Salya

I'm really sorry for not updating Tainted wingz for soo long. I been busy with youtube that I haven't really did any graphics or anything for here. but I'm on a short break from recording that I may put some new graphics, may a new layout for TW and even make a layout or two for you all.

So for the next 5 nights, I will be adding new things. Also the forms on the site to work, so feel free to claim a hottie or cutie.

Oh I will be updating my requests page weekly, so if anyone would like to check it out, here's the link. Which was updated tonight. With that say, I will try to post something monthly if I remember. XD I'm always on Tainted Onez is you need me for anything. ^_^

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